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About Sharlin Group

Sharlin Group is a family owned business. The group's activity was established in 1986. Since its establishment, the group has shown solid growth alongside stability and reliability.


The group incorporates activities in four main fields:

  1. Petrol Retail & Marketing;
  2. Yielding Real Estate;
  3. Renewable Energy Power Plants;
  4. Provision of Financial Services.

All through its years of operation, the group has demonstrated entrepreneurship in spirit and in action; operated with administrative and marketing expertise; and earned distinguished credibility a and reliability from its business partners as well as from its customers.


The group is experienced in acting in foreign markets, as well as and in dealing within challenging atmospheres.


The group has gathered and created an outstanding bank of know how, skills and trade methods in each one of its activity fields. As an entrepreneur, the group holds knowledge needed for identification of potential sites, estimation of sales, choice of supplier and brand name and planning of sites.


Familiar with the various business models of the petrol market, the group is en expert in the distinctive marketing strategies of the petrol market, in the engagement with the suppliers and oil companies and in the letting arrangements of filling stations. The group is also familiar with the business models of commercial areas within the filling station compound, including integration of retail centers with the filling station, the special business mix and special letting models starting from the vending machines up to the fast food chains.


The group is a pioneer and market leader in the field of Renewable Energy Power plants in Israel. The group has brought to legislation bills allowing the operation of Solar Power production is certain Israeli districts, while currently acting in committees and societies promoting Renewable Energy production in Israel.


The group maintains a Registered Financial Institution and provides financial services to private and commercial customers under license from the Israeli Ministry of Finance.


The group holds an excellent financial record and ability. Moreover, the group maintains high volume of turnover and exercises knowledge regarding clearing systems and money monitoring without default.


Doing business with us is easy and safe. We combine the flexibility of a family-run business with the reliability of a long-established business.


Contact us by telephone at +972 2 5354352

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